neiltastic is a sprouting enterprise looking to bring you quality and beneficial services. Being on the forefront of upcoming and evolving opportunities, neiltastic strives to cultivate a growing, supportive and diverse community.


During early stage as a small blog, the intention was to share with the world a love for fashion as well as living an active & healthy lifestyle. A small but loyal following blossomed, and with that, a dream was born. neiltastic wasn’t just a name or a brand, it became a lifestyle.

2021 HQ.

While helping others to feel better in their bodies, another opportunity presented itself. It prsented itself in a space to teach and educate people how to adopt and live an active lifestyle while in a private and functional setting. While many attend several fitness facilities, where was the hub to bring everyone together? HQ. was born from the need to have a space where Fitness Professionals can comfortably train their clients - in person, or virtually - without the strict limitations in big box gyms. HQ. offers these Fitness Professionals to start, or continue, to grow their businesses.


The next stage required making a whole new commitment to the neiltastic brand and taking living a healthy & active lifestyle to another level. Challenging and motivating people to both feel and be their best with the help of exercise. Personal training and group fitness brought many together to push themselves to new limits. With that, #SEXYFRIDAY came alive. Every body is beautiful and #SEXYFRIDAY celebrates just that.

# T E A M N E I L T A S T I C