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Meet Neil Balmbra. A former luxury retail manager, gone Fitness Professional to Entrepreneur. Neil’s roots of fashion stem back to his first retail job at lululemon. This opportunity opened his eyes to the perfect blend of fashion and fitness. As he grew into the industry, Neil had the opportunity to work for leading fashion retailers such as J.Crew and Holt Renfrew in various commodities. Neil’s journey into the fitness industry was spontaneous and quick. Staying true to his love of luxury, he began his training and certifications at Equinox. This is when Neil truly found that his life was going to change. Without looking back, he ran forward with a new adventure to pursue an already rewarding career in the fitness industry. Neil’s future goals and aspirations are to continue to grow and develop neiltastic, to build a network/community of like-minded individuals. One to gather together and support one another in their many professional and fitness endeavours.


  • canfitpro PTS Certification

  • DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals​​

  • TRX Suspension Training

  • DTS Lean Body Coach