Change is scary but change promotes growth. Life throws many obstacles at us. These obstacles help us grow, learn, and realize our truest potential. We experience failures and victories on a day to day basis, and the trick is to always move forward. Sometimes our plan doesn’t quite go as expected. We can either roll with the punches or give up and move on. I have been doing a lot of soul searching, brainstorming, networking and ultimately doing some life changing. Patience is a virtue, but in this case it was necessary. I needed to take a big step back, reset and analyze myself and what I truly wanted in my life.

I challenge myself to live as authentically as possible. Live with integrity. If you say it, mean it. Give 110%, never less. My mantra is “live it, breathe it”. Don’t pursue something half assed. If you are passionate about something then take it by the horns and make it your bitch. Stand up for what you believe in. So with that being said I dropped everything to start off fresh. I quit my job, relocated in the city and set new ambitious goals. With this decision I've made, I'm secretly (not so secretly) freaking out but also super excited! With an amazing support group behind me, it's not a matter of sink or swim; I'm going to swim.

I sit here with the words “growth demands a temporary surrender of security” motivating me and reassuring me that my decision to change everything and start fresh is not only the right decision, I find it is ultimately the best course for me to start this new journey in my life and with a new beginning at This is a place where I can share my story as I progress towards my goals, expressions through style and the journeys that life throws at me.

So here's to a new adventure! Time to live it, breathe it, and jump in feet first.

- n.