After many years of wanting and dreaming I finally took the jump and bought a car! I can confidently say that I've achieved full blown adulthood. Do I get a medal for that?

I always envisioned myself zipping around in a hot little sports car getting lost in the many one-way streets of Toronto. But after driving a Jeep Sahara a few summers ago, I knew I was hooked. Apart from the safety of a Jeep in Canadian winters and the practicality of removing the roof during the summer, I really wanted to buy something I know I would love and feel good about. So I bought a new 2018 Jeep JK all black on black on black on black. Definitely my style! I celebrated my first day of ownership driving around town picking up fun accessories to soup up my new ride. Then finished the day with someone special while enjoying a hot cup of coffee at my favourite place; the beach.

We all work so hard day in and day out, I believe it is important for us to treat ourselves. I don't just mean a fancy beverage from Starbucks or a steak dinner at a 5 star restaurant. As much as I do enjoy those, I believe we should save our hard earned money and when the time is right, really indulge in something special. We can suppress our wants and easily settle for less, but I don't see value in that. Whats the point in living to work instead of working to live? Life is short, so enjoy it. A dear friend of mine once told me to "work hard and play harder". And that's precisely what I intend to do.