We all have busy lives and hectic schedules. We wake up, put ourselves together, slay the day from 9-5, grind it out at the gym, then head home to vegetate and binge watch our favorite series on Netflix for the rest of the night.

Many of us plow through the week looking forward to the weekend, our time of rest. But are we really resting? After running errands and tackling our very important and fabulous social calendars, do we allow enough "me" time to chill out and disconnect? I am the first to admit that I am a workaholic. I love keeping myself busy and always feeling a sense of accomplishment. But like everyone else, I occasionally ride the dangerous line of burnout.

I know resting is important and constantly have to remind myself to schedule "me time". We work so hard that not only do we deserve it, but we are entitled to it. Turn off your phone (airplane mode works too), take a long shower and do something nice for yourself. Sometimes all we need is a lazy morning staying in, or an early night relaxing and enjoying a mask, or as I like to call spa night. I personally enjoy listening to music while driving in my car and occasionally (call me crazy) like a fitness/dance class to sweat it all out. I like to lose myself in the music and express the rhythm and expressions through my body.

I feel it is important to not fall into a stagnant routine. As much as I love a scheduled day and structure, we need to keep it fresh and add or even subtract something here and there from our schedule. Mix it up! Try something new in your evening or on your day off. Instead of visiting your favourite deli on your lunch break, visit the new cafe down the road. Try taking a different route home or to the gym. Perhaps even, enrol in a new class or partake in a new hobby. You never know what lays ahead or around the corner, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

It doesn't matter what you do to relax, as long as you feel good, energized and refreshed as the outcome. Next time you have a few hours or even a couple of minutes to yourself, don't fill it with work or a to do list, instead step away from your regular routine and make room for some me time.

- n.