containing or using only one color.

I love and appreciate a good monochromatic look, whether it be formal or casual. I also believe monochromatic can be two toned when done properly. I've always said I don't have a favourite colour (but if I had to choose, I'm sure you can guess what I would pick), but I do have favourite colour combinations. For example, the pairing of black and white gives me goosebumps! I love the stark contrast of one extreme to another. It's clean, sharp, looks effortless (even though there was effort put in), timeless and almost appropriate for every occasion.

A second favourite combination is white and grey. This is a little more daring but I feel it can look quite striking when styled properly. Coming from a world of black on black, introducing a lighter colour scheme into your wardrobe can be a bit of a challenge. Not only do you need to be extra careful with your cup of coffee while on the move but you also face obstacles on the next seat you decide to sit on, or brushing up on a car door. Wearing an all light attire takes practice but it's definitely something you can achieve! Monochromatic can also be done with any colour. Try denim on denim or different tones of beige. Or even take it to the next level and rock a whole look in yellow! Whichever colour you feel best in.

When I jump into my black jeans, kick on my Saint Laurent boots and throw on my leather jacket, I feel ready to face any challenges during the day! The look is simple, edgy, understated and yet, powerful. Some say an all black wardrobe is boring, dull and lacks expression, I however feel otherwise. Why compromise to wear something that you don't feel like you can take over the world in?

- n.