"You are what you do, not what you say you do."

My schedule the past few weeks has been very hectic and it's safe to say that life has had me running around like a crazy person. I have been exploring exciting opportunities and meeting new and inspiring people. Even with the day-to-day madness I still find myself at ease and very happy with the work I put into my daily endeavours and as a result find huge success in planning my day(s) ahead. It's easy to fall into the habit of over scheduling yourself and burning out; but by being smart with your time you, too, can tackle each day with success! I am a firm believer in committing to something you say you're going to do. It's so easy to be a "yes" person to please others in the moment, even though you may or may not have the full intention to commit in the future.

I used to be that person. Many years ago I was given personal feedback about my lack of commitment. Even though I said "yes" or set an appointment/meet-up I would either cancel last minute or not show up at all. This feedback was hard to swallow because I knew it was true and I didn't want to be that person known for always bailing. So I analyzed myself and how I could change. From that moment on (to this very day) I have become hyper aware of when I say "yes", because by doing so I am committing myself to that agreement.

So now you may be wondering about the other option. Why not just say "no"? I used to be afraid to say "no", but over the years I have learned and come to understand the value of "no" and that I can't do everything or please everyone. I believe in living a life of integrity; why agree to something if it isn't something you want to do? Instead of saying the easy "yes", find a compromise to meet halfway. Fill your days with activities and occasion's that fuel your fire. At the end of the day you will find yourself feeling more accomplished and being more successful.

- n.