Growing up, and especially in my teens, I suffered from blemishes and uneven skin. This was always something I was self conscious about. Participating in musical theatre and competitive dance I was exposed to stage make-up and all the breakouts that came with it. Stage make-up covered these imperfections but was definitely not suitable for everyday wear, so I looked for other options in drug stores and cosmetic departments. I always fell short, ultimately due to being too shy to ask for help or buy anything because it was all marketed for women and "boys didn't wear make-up". It wasn't until I moved out on my own and a stranger commented on the dark circles under my eyes that really provoked change. It was at that moment that I had to do something. Thats when my journey with make-up began. Today make-up is being worn more and more by men, to the point that there is a market and specific cosmetic lines being targeted towards male consumers. And with this new growing need - Let me introduce you to House of Formen.

Based in Toronto, my friends at House for Formen reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying their products. Not only is their packaging aesthetically pleasing and Canadian owned, they are also zero fuss and completely thought through. I couldn't say no. The line consists of a colour corrector and concealer trio's, translucent powder, brightening cc cream and skincare. The packaging is simple, masculine and high quality. All of the products are very user friendly and simple to apply, all you need is your finger and away you go! The founder of the company and entrepreneur, Andrew Grella, graciously met with me and walked me through each item and his inspiration behind the brand.

Like myself and men all around the world, Andrew experienced a breakout the night of his prom. With no knowledge of make-up, or how to apply it, he went exploring for male friendly options at the department stores, and (like me) left empty handed. Thankfully, with his mom's help (and her make-up bag) he left for the evening both feeling and looking good. This led Andrew to think outside the box and explore the possibility for men to have a cosmetic line too. Now, years later, House of Formen is sold in stores and online.

If you are in need for an easy morning routine to help boost your confidence or just wanting to put your best face forward for a special event, then I think House of Formen is for you! Make sure you check out their website and Youtube channel for quick how-to tutorials and more!

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