Do you ever catch yourself in a "pinch me" moment? A time when you're so happy and impressed with yourself that you can't believe it's actually happening? Where you've set the standard so high that even you weren't sure if you'd be able to achieve it? I sure do, and I'm living it right now!

About a year ago I played with the idea of teaching group fitness classes. This was a long shot because I didn't know anything about the industry, was not able to commit the time, or even know where to begin in the first place. Fast forward a year later, and by complete chance I stumbled upon a post on Equinox's Instagram page saying that they were accepting applications to compete for a position as their next Prodigy. The only qualifications to enter were to have a passion for group fitness, live close to a club, and have no previous teaching or work experience at Equinox. The opportunity couldn't have been any more perfect! Despite the voice in my head saying that it would be a waste of my time or that I'd never make it, I filmed a short workout and submitted the video. A couple of days later I received an email that changed my life saying that I made it to the next round. Score!

The next steps were to meet and work with my Mentor for a month to learn the ropes and the science behind the fitness programs. Many hours and buckets of sweat later, I was ready to teach my first class. I was so nervous and felt completely out of my element, however, with my Mentor and my peers by my side I felt ready to take on this challenge. I will admit, once the music started and I absorbed the energy in the room, I was set! Was I supposed to be doing this all these years? It felt so natural I didn't even have to think, it just happened.

The final step was to film another video showcasing everything that I had learned to qualify for the last round which would involve a trip to New York to work directly with the Prodigy Faculty at the Head Office. Unfortunately I didn't make the final cut. As amazing as it would have been to work with the Prodigy Faculty, I couldn't be any happier with the experience and the outcome. I was, however, humbled by Equinox as they offered me a position on their schedule. I am now officially a Group Fitness Instructor at Equinox! Dreams do come true, but sometimes you just need to work a little for the best outcome. Next time you see an opportunity for something you want to achieve, jump at it and take it. We all have moments of uncertainty but we also have the potential to be brilliant in our own way. Don't let fear stop you.

- n.


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