I have found that I have recently created a new mantra for myself. The question, "but why not" has been fluttering in my mind and quietly leaving my lips. When I find I'm doubting myself or second guessing a course of action, I quietly ask myself "but why not?". These three words are pushing me further and further into exploring new opportunities and sending me on exciting journeys.

What's the worst that can be said? No? Kay, no big deal, move onto plan B. And if I don't have a plan B, then I make one. I feel like rejection is everyone's worst feeling, and with reason. But why should we allow rejection to control or goals or ambitions? I'm sure Beyonce was told no before, and now look at where she is. If she can move past it, then we can too!

Just because someone says no, don't shut down and throw the dream away. It's just an opportunity for you to brainstorm and little more, network a little further and work a little harder. Nothing worth having comes easy.

- n.