When life has you asking "WTF" more than once a day, then maybe a quick escape is needed. Maybe it's time to shake things up a little bit and explore new surroundings. Perhaps it's an opportunity to meet new people, look at new perspectives, experience a new city, try new foods, and ultimately - the true goal - create new memories. I recently had such an itch and decided to chase the horizon and visit the very cold and beautiful city of Montreal.

I love exploring new places and getting lost in the moment! Apart from arriving at the destination, my favourite part of any trip is the the journey getting there. There's a sense of adventure and excitement that keeps you on your toes. Whether you are in a plane, on the road or making a pit stop to refill your coffee the fifth time, it adds to the whole experience. I also believe that you really get to truly know someone while traveling together. A spouse, friend, or even a stranger, you can always learn new and exciting thing about your travel buddy. However, I believe this applies even more importantly to yourself. Travelling can really push you to your limits and it's interesting to see how others, or yourself, react under pressure.

Something that I had grown to appreciate more during this trip was my ability to go with the flow. I feel like people get so caught up in just getting to where they are going that any obstacle or delay overtakes their joy and pleasure in the journey. So, this time, I challenged myself and said "whatever happens, happens." By doing this I was able to enjoy a very nice visit to Montreal with some very funny stories that wouldn't have happened if I tried to control every aspect of my trip.

After returning to Toronto, I thought more about going with the flow and reflected how life would differ if I applied this challenge, or even rule, to my every day. We are creatures of habit and routine, so why do we become so obsessed with pattern and freak out when an obstacle pops up? Is it comfort? Or fear of the unknown? Whatever it is, it's completely out of our control so we should try to not give it the power to ruin our day, or even a single moment. I know it's hard to think about in the moment but I find comfort in knowing that everything happens for a reason. Don't try to control the uncontrollable. Be patient and embrace the unknown. Welcome it, whatever it is, and embrace it. Perhaps it's a detour on the highway, a delayed flight, a text from your ex or even a dead phone battery. Don't get upset or thrown off by that instance. Explore the moment further and try to find the good in it. I know, "easier said than done." You're right. But sometimes a roadblock or bump in the road can redirect us to an even better destination. Look for the lesson, reach toward the goal, enjoy the adventure, and simply just go with the flow.