Another year has come and gone. This, of course, presents many with mixed emotions, new opportunities, endings, and new beginnings. I believe in starting fresh every day, but at the end of the year it encourages me to reflect on what I have achieved and to re-evaluate my goals. This past year has promoted a lot of growth in me. I have embarked on a new career, met many new and amazing people, finally grew up and bought a Jeep, became an uncle and experienced heartbreak. All of which helped me learn more about myself. I'm always pushing myself to new limits and this year was very significant. Now, looking forward to 2019, I am very excited for what I have planned.

Sometimes, life requires compromises; and sometimes, those compromises seem unfair, or give a feeling of giving up. I've mentioned in a previous post before, but sometimes you need to push certain goals back for a time being to make room for a new goal that may be more obtainable in the short run. These new goals act as another stepping stone to get you to the goal that you had to postpone. This is why I love to re-evaluate and reflect at this time of the year. It sets you up for success. Where did you fall short in the past, and what can you do to tackle the new year with ambition and enthusiasm?

The year 2018 was another learning year for me. Another year of growth and self discovery. Things started out very strong at the beginning and slowly started to fall apart, especially towards the end of the year. As much as it feels defeating, I'm not allowing myself to get upset or discouraged. Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes a compromise needs to be made. My main goal this year is to have a plan. But this time, with an extra criteria. This year I will allow myself to live on the edge a little more, to explore and push new boundaries and go on new adventures (foreshadowing!?). I'm going to continue to challenge myself to live everyday to the fullest, and with what I have planned, I'm sure I won't have a problem doing that. So with this, our new goals, new ambitions, and a new horizon ahead, I hope you continue to stay for the adventure, and we can tackle 2019 together!