Shit hit the fan hard when I decided to visit Waimea Bay in Hawaii. I wish I could tell you I was in a gnarly surfing accident that involved fighting a giant shark, saving a child and making headlines in the local paper, but I unfortunately I can’t. If you want to believe that then great! I’ll see you when i make the next post. But if you want to know more, then feel free to read on.

All the locals had made mention to check Waimea Bay out to experience the white sands and blue water. It's also a famous surfing destination due to the very large waves. Being so close I had to make a point to visit. So I packed my bag for the day and ventured off to find the perfect spot on the beach. After getting comfortable I turned my attention to admire the water. That’s when I realized the size of the waves breaking against the shore. I’ve swam in wavy conditions on previous trips, but never to this magnitude. I made mental notes of the different markers in the water and where people were gathering to avoid getting swept away in the current or getting pushed up against the rocks. I took the plunge and swam past the breakers where it was safe to enjoy the ups and downs of the waves while they rolled into shore. At this point I’m am realizing how big these waves really are. Easily anywhere between 12-15 feet if not more. After enjoying the waves for a bit I decided to head back into shore and rode the last wave in nice and close to the beach. Everything was fine until I made the mistake of turning my back towards the incoming waves before reaching the dry sand. Before I knew it I looked up and a huge wave had come up behind me and had already started to fall over my head, throwing me to the ground below the surface knocking the wind right out of me. Before letting panic set in I open my eyes to get my bearings but saw nothing but black. Then the worst happened. Before I could break the surface to breathe a second wave had already rolled in sweeping me up and throwing me back into the ground except this time, a white hot pain snapped in my knee and shin. ‘Fuck! I just broke my leg’ I screamed to myself. Now full panic mode sets in and I put my feet on the ground and kick myself to the surface praying there isn’t another wave crashing down on me again. I needed to breath. I broke the surface and scrambled to shore, fighting the current along the way before pulling me back in to play some more. I pushed through the sharp pain and tried my very best to sprint onto the dry sand where I sat in disbelief and shock.

Fortunately, I didn’t break anything but I did tear a ligament in my knee. Guess I won’t be doing any squats at the gym anytime soon. Am I disappointed? Yes. Could it have been worse? Absolutely. I just need to take it for what it is. My favourite place in the world and mother nature both gave me a good smack reminding me to never underestimate her power, regardless of how confident I feel in the water. So does the adventure end here? No. I went to the drug store and bought a knee brace to help me hobble around. Is it the trendiest look? Not at all. But at least I bought it in the best colour available, black.