I really can’t explain it, but i know the island life is for me. I’ve always had a daydream or a fantasy of one day living on a remote island owning a small dive or surf shop. I’d keep my days busy working with the tourists coming off the cruise ships and after work would head home to a secluded little home by the beach where I would be an expert at cooking seafood and sporting a wicked tan! But then I stop myself because I can’t imagine not living in a city. As much as I love the great outdoors, I am very much a city kid. Born and raised. I never thought the two could even blend, until now.

The locals and surfers on the island greet each other with the shaka sign with their hands which means to ‘hang loose’. A gesture of friendly intent conveying the “aloha spirit” which is a concept of friendship, understanding and compassion. Honolulu is the quintessential town for me. Granted I’ve only seen the one island and I’m sure there are many others just like it, if not better. But it gives me hope that maybe one day my daydream may become a small reality. But until then, I have so much more to do and see. I’ll leave a little piece of my heart on this little island only with the promise that I will come back again, but next time a tad bit longer. Now my journey continues. I’m saying aloha Hawaii and g’day Australia!