By far one of my favourite experiences was the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk. Feeling the call for adventure and my body craving some serious exercise, I did myself justice and ventured down South. After waking up nice and early, I grabbed a coffee to go and hopped onto the 313 bus which would take me to Coogee Beach. My adventure started off at a nice and easy walk but as I continued I found myself picking up my pace as I rounded each corner and climbed each cliff face eager to see what was around the corner. I couldn't help but keep playing the song from Disney's Pocahontas, 'just around the riverbend' in my head. There was no river and I was not paddling a boat, but you get the idea. My breath was taken away on more than once occasion. Everything from the giant cliffs and rock formations, the tropical plants and flowers to the many little coves gently scattered with swimmers and sunbathers. This was truly food for the eyes and soul. The walk on average is just over one hour, but I took my sweet ass time taking it all in. I made sure to stop and relax whenever possible, I didn't want to miss a thing. By the late afternoon the clouds started to collect and the ocean wind picked up making the walk more of a challenge and much colder. The waves far down below were increasing and kicking up enough spray that you could feel it in the air. This made my final ascent very epic and dramatic. After the last few steps and rounding the final bend in the path, I had made it! Another breathtaking view exposing a new perspective of Bondi Beach. Despite the weather change, the surfers were still in full action, but I wouldn't expect anything less. This was the perfect day with another small win in my pocket. I celebrated by sitting by the shore and enjoyed a nice scoop of coconut gelato. After giving thanks and reflecting on the amazing day I just had it made me more excited and eager to see what the next day's adventure would bring.