As I packed my bags on my last night in Australia, I found myself reflecting over the past month of all the amazing things I've seen and done. I will admit, a wave of sadness came over me. After falling into new routines, becoming familiar with my surroundings and dare I say it, finding a home away from home, the time has come to shake things up and move onto the next part of my adventure. I have had the most amazing time from hanging out with friends (current and new), pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and experiencing a new way of life.

I've been told before that when one travels, they change with every trip. The longer spent adventuring, the more change happens. Not necessarily physically, but one becomes more mentally aware of themselves and the world we live in. I am very much one with myself but over the past four weeks I'm feeling more and more aware and tuned in to who I am as a person. I think this is an exciting process for anyone, and if you've experienced it then you know exactly what I'm referring to. We all have an understanding of who we are. What we like, dislike, our limitations and how we react under pressure. But there is more awareness of what makes us tick. I am finding that travel forces us grow up to a certain extent. Grow up into our truest selves. The more exposure we get, the smart we become. The world is a big place and I think travel offers the best eduction possible, regardless of age.

As I sit in the airport and enjoying my final Australian coffee I can feel the butterflies in my stomach start to flutter. What's the next adventure going to look like? Who am I going to meet? What exciting things am I going see and do? Will there be WIFI? I guess I'll find out when I get there. Now I just need to get through a 9 hour flight.

G'day Australia and hello Thailand!